This is one of the most important guides on planning today.

Because it will show why the companies with the highest performance are the ones with the best planning, in practice.

All the material was built in conversations with the world references on the subject.

And an unbelievable data will be revealed together first hand.


This is the material that you should send urgently to the leader of the company you are in, if you are not him.


If you want to know how much a good plan makes a difference.

And using the right methodology does even more…

See the words of Larry Page (founder of Google) when asked:

What would you do differently if you went back in time on the first day of google?


planejamento empresa


It is important to highlight that he reports this as a tip to the small business.

Who is in the beginning too.

OKR is ideal for everyone.


plano empresarial

Knowing these powerful arguments.

From two of today’s greatest entrepreneurs …

Shall we talk about data?




The most positive surveys say:

58% of people fail to say 3 clear goals for the organization and 68% do not understand.

70% consider themselves out of alignment with the company.

90% are unclear about their goal at work.

35% of companies make plans and of these only 10% comply with them.

5% of people in general understand the strategy.


Know who doesn’t suffer from it?

The companies that use the best methodology in the world of planning, the OKR.

Which was created to annihilate these numbers.

The images below are from a post on instagram (@brunomrperin) that shows some companies that use them.


planning in companiesplan calmlyplanning alone


All this data came from the group that is a global reference in OKR that I am part of.

There, I got to know the backstage of many of these companies.

And now also add this knowledge to the 67 OKRs applied in the last 3 months.

So I can tell you that:


The difference between who uses and does not use OKR is striking.




Do you know what always happens?

Everyone tells me – “we already have plans.”

“We already have a good plan that we did at the beginning of the year…

We bring the leadership together, or we take an X consultancy and put together a plan. “


Did you see the data I just presented?!?!

But many leaders are stubborn.

Instead of seeing the numbers and saying:

Wow, I need to improve because if 95% are like that, I must be.


But no, the tendency of this style of leadership is to say.

Oh no, it happens to others, not to me.


Man, it gets to be sad.

Because I talk to executives who take care of the planning of the largest companies in the world.

And they are so humble to want to learn.

And they have a sense that they need to improve a lot.


Imagine, the guys are already beasts in OKR.

They grow much faster than others.

And there is this perception that if they learn more about planning, they will generate more.


However, 9 out of 10 that I speak believe they don’t need help.

This is ridiculous, but it explains the data presented.


Check out this great tip from Henrik at Heartpace.


make a plan




The famous street dog syndrome.

“It works elsewhere, in these big companies, here it is different.”

Even more family company or very small company that says that.

This is a HUGE mistake.


Google started using OKR when it was under 40 people.

Twitter was the day the founders started the company.

Several companies are accelerating thanks to OKR.

All sizes.


My business, customers and partners too.

They are family businesses, large, medium, small …

And it works just as well here as there.

If used in the right way.


If you stop and think, many of the concepts you use today in your business.

They were created abroad and today you cannot imagine what your life would be without them.

It’s the same now.


And what do you think of the words of the founder of Twitter.

Who worked at Google and received this question:

What was the most important thing about Google that you used on Twitter?


do business planning




That they need great planning to stay aligned.

Without that, they would never be at the top.


They highlight that the time to make a good plan, it is essential for everything that will happen.

However, there is no way to make a good plan…

Without a great method.


This OKR tool that I told you about.

It is the only one common among all the most valuable companies today.

Imagine companies worth more than a trillion …

They say this is the most powerful tool we have.


Gosh, why not use it?

The richest guys on the planet.

And who has the most brilliant minds at their disposal use it…



Check out this tip from Hannes from


create planning




If you have doubts about smaller companies.

But they are super fast and trendy.

They also know that, if they don’t have a well-defined route, it won’t happen.


The intelligent use of your resources and direction is your strength.

A secret is that the smartest companies take advantage of what the most valuable ones do…

And use it to your advantage.


Their spending is unimaginable to maintain the leadership.

The fast ones take advantage to learn.


Planning is the best way to use resources well.

Engage people.

Direct attention.

Boost the results.

Not any kind of planning, OKR does that.


Just for you know.

The investors have their main form of analysis, the OKRs.

They evaluate the company according to that plan.

If you don’t have, it is almost a slander.


Look at what Dan Montgomery (author of the book Start Less, Finish More) said about strategies and OKR.


how to do strategic planning




OKR is the planning method that guides the main companies on the planet.

It is a way of defining where you want to go and what you need to do.

In other words, its guiding line.

A map to focus on what you should say YES and NO.


What is more important for you to do now?

Each person in your company can give you different answers.

OKR is the way to formalize what is important for everyone to do.

And what will we achieve if we do that.


In this way, OKRs help to approximate what is important for the person to accomplish with what is essential for the company at that time.

It is the answer of where each one should concentrate its efforts.




O (Objectives) – where I need to go.

KR (Key Results) – how do I know I got there.

PLANS/INITIATIVES – what will I do to reach the KRs.


In a very simple way:

OBJECTIVES (O) – Define the goal you want to achieve in 3 months.

KEY RESULTS (KR) – Now, for each Objective (O) of these, you establish some key results (between 3 or 4) that are crucial to achieve.

PLANS – Finally, you will define the activities you will do to reach the Key Results (KR).


With OKR you have a way to go.

It is a dynamic plan.

Which is reviewed every week to keep the work in focus.

And recreated every 3 months to be even more accurate.


It looks simple and it is very simple.

But there are some little secrets that make this success map work.


You can see a complete step-by-step Guide here.


okr planning



No SMART Goals, BSC, KPIs, or other method can do all of this.

That’s why the biggest companies in the world use OKR.


I want to show you what I learned from the big names in OKR.

And by helping more than 67 OKRs in the past 3 months.

And almost freak out about it.

But, it allowed me to feel in practice and prove this list.




A great plan has as main objective to highlight the focus.

It is an absurd mistake that I will comment on below.

Wanting to put everything you need to do in your plan.


In the plan you need to help your team make decisions.

What he will choose among so many possible actions.

They need to know what the focus is.

They will be guided by this plan.




All companies suffer from departments that sometimes seem to play against each other.

Other times, it is simply walking in opposite directions.

The OKR plan is the best way to put everyone in the same direction.


One of the strengths of this method is to generate this joint effort.

The work in stages.

This creates a greater sense of collaborative work.

And teams are more focused.


small business planning




Obviously more focused people.

They will deliver more.

It is a ripple effect that you will notice here.


With the plan that defines where to give more attention.

Your team begins to execute your actions with mastery.

And it ends up generating more quality.

The team is more proud of what it produces.




Performance starts to go up.

Because the teams are attentive in the same line.

Just like every individual.


So the most immersed people.

And with energy more destined for the right place.

It performs better in all variables.


how to create a planning




Add: People and teams more focused + better quality of delivery + increased performance.

The natural consequence is the result.

Companies that have good plans are more profitable.


They generate more revenue.

They lower costs more.

They are more profitable than the others.

It is an ultra proven fact!




At first, you saw some scary data about this misalignment.

People are not clear about the reason for their work.

And what they should do.

They have an idea, but not 100% sure.


OKR explodes this problem.

Because everyone is aligned with the plan.

And they know exactly what they should do and why they should do it.




What impact do your attitudes have?

This is one of the problems that companies suffer the most.

And do not give the necessary attention.


With OKR, those involved are able to know the impact of attitudes.

They understand how much each activity helps or does not.

How much it influences the team’s results.

It is much more accurate to be able to not waste each one’s effort.




You will deliver much more than you ever did.

For the plan with focus.

And good goals.

It causes you to achieve more.


OKR was made to do more than what would be normal to deliver.

And you grow at a much better rate than you had.

It is much bigger than those who do not use it.


how to start planning




All of the above situations make your team wear the shirt more.

He understands what he does and why.

And they generate more results.

After all, it is aligned in the same focus.


People feel a lot more part of the company.

They want to see it happen.

It’s clear to them.

So the team plays more together.




People who are in OKR perceive a different evolution.

For the clarity of what needs to be done.

The challenge of something more.

It makes them need to evolve in several ways.


At each end of the OKR cycle.

You look and feel proud of what you have achieved.

And even more of how much has improved.

It greatly increases confidence.




A few days ago, I did the planning week on instagram @brunomrperin

And one of the subjects that people liked the most.

It helped a lot of people.

Were the 3 most impactful mistakes.


Everyone fell into one.

Everyone who doesn’t use OKR obviously.

But I caught this in conversation with the big names in the world.

What most hinders planning today?




Good plan has only the focus.

What do you want to evolve?


It is not recommended to put everything in it.

That was a long time ago.


Now the plans serve as a guide for you to take more attetion.

They contain the north line.

Not all activities.


The vast majority of companies did not realize this.

Go on with plans with millions of things.

Then, they do almost nothing.


And everyone gets lost in what is most important to do.

The pace of growth is much slower.


One of the main contributions that I perceive from OKRs is the focus it brings to everyone involved. (Alina Miertoiu – KPI Institute)




The highlighted part of your plan is the results you want to achieve.

Activities change, they are dynamic.

But the result to be achieved is maintained during the period of the plan.


I would say that this is the biggest mistake.

Because the plans look like agendas.


Full of activities to do.

And that generates busy people.

But not results.


Modern plans have the essentials.

The Objective which is the inspirational orientation.

And the Key Results that are the results to be achieved.

That remains in the plan.


make a plan




Be sure to review with at least 15 days.

The correct thing is to look at it all week.

I look at mine every day.

Because it makes you always aware of what you have been doing to achieve it.


Companies make annual plans and also look once a year.

Some look 3 or 4 times.

A few others look every month.

But all this is still flawed.


The plan to run needs to be looked at with consistency.

It cannot exceed 15 days.

To be the focus of attention.

Not to miss anything.


start a planning




Don’t postpone another minute.

Because there is no way to escape.


One day companies said they didn’t know if they should be on social media.

Which company has not regretted joining before?


OKR is the same.

It is impossible for you not to use it in the future.

Because all the companies that have more results use it.


They say it is the most important tool.

Then the method won the world.

The question is only if you are going to lose a lot to your competition.

Or it will be who gets into the fastest pace.


The first thing is to make that decision.

The second is to define who will handle OKR in your company.

Who will be the person who will take care of this.

She needs to go deeper.


Ask for help.

These days an incredible company was all excited to start.

Two people on the team studied hard.

And with a little help from the outside, OKR started.

And today they consider it to be the best decision of the last few years.


planning maker




What was the purpose of this article?

Make clear the power of great planning in your favor.

But it’s not just any method…

It’s OKR.


When you use it right.

You will be very grateful for everything it generates.

And outraged because it didn’t start before.

It happened 100% of the 67 times that I helped companies in the last 3 months.


So, however much you say:

“I already have a way of planning.”

“I already do this or that.”

I showed you data that could all companies can be better.


Not to mention the ideas of the most intelligent people in the world.

Even behind the scenes of the most valuable companies.

And the fastest growing on the planet.


You can use it all to your advantage.

It is a simple and powerful method.




This is a material I did for managers and CEOs.

People at the top of decisions to realize the new pace of planning.

How this universe works now.

And the best tool there is.


If you know someone in the management area, send it to them.

If you want to have the OKR in your company, send it to whoever decides.

Any questions just call me on instagram @brunomrperin

Use planning to your advantage.


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